Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Car Dents

Car DentsA quarter-size dent is no cause for alarm, though it’s appearance is certainly unsightly. A larger dent—about the size of a basketball—is more cause for concern. Sure, the car may still be fully functional, but you need to have it checked out by a collision repair crew. Unbeknownst to most motorists, a car dent may compromise your vehicle more than you think.

A Car Dent May Make Your Car Less Safe

It’s not uncommon for a fender, guard, or bumper to incur noticeable damage during a relatively minor fender bender. While the car is still completely operable, it may be less safe should another collision occur later down the line. The resulting dent from the first collision has seriously compromised the car’s structural integrity. This makes it less able to hold up under impact and protect the occupants.

Rust Issues

The car’s auto paint is more than a cosmetic element. It also acts as a seal that protects the metal from contaminants. When the seal is broken, the metal becomes exposed to elements like dirt, salt, and moisture; these all leads to rust. Aside from making your car look like an old clunker, rust also weakens metal. Just as brittle bones are more likely to break, rusted metal is more likely to crumple in a collision.

It Ruins the Aesthetic

Under the right lighting conditions, some dents are visible even from a block away. If you own a light-colored car, then the dent is even more noticeable. Do you really want to drive around in a blemished vehicle?

We’ll Inspect and Repair Your Car Dent

Bring your car over to Absolute Auto Body. We’ll take a look at the dent and let you know if it poses a safety issue. All of our repairs and car dent restoration work is backed by a material and workmanship warranty.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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